Instagram Museum Amsterdam Noord – Living Life in the Night

Instagram Museum Amsterdam Noord – Living Life in the Night

TBH I love taking selfies here and there. Are you also a selfie lover like me? In that case, you must have heard about the Instagram museum Amsterdam Noord – Wondr. You might have heard of this museum before I guess! If not then I would highly recommend this place to visit once in a lifetime if you are a photoholic.

Honestly, I visited this place a year ago and had a lot of fun and took almost like hundreds of selfies with my friends. This is a great place to spend time with your friends and youngsters.

This place is also good for solo travellers. If you love using Instagram and sharing posts there then You will get some awesome Instagram profile pictures over there.

The staff working in the museum is so kind and polite. If you are a solo traveller then they will help you to click your pictures and also show you some poses as well.. 😄

There are more than 10 big rooms with different styles and designs. They are just perfect for Instagram pictures. Each room is unique and luxurious. My favourite room was a disco room where I couldn’t stop my feet dancing. Isn’t that really crazy? 😅 But I personally loved it.

There are other rooms too where I really enjoy taking selfies.

1. The swimming pool with marshmallows

2. The glitter showers.

3. Karaoke bar

4. Teddy bear room

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam then you cannot skip this place for sure. It’s a must-visit place for kids and youngsters like us.

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