How to Write a Comment: A Guide for Loyal Readers

How to Write a Comment

Ofcourse, as loyal leaders you know will expect your comments and be open to discussion. Sometimes commenting can be difficult especially if you have no idea what to write and how to write so that you come and get approved. And therefore today I’ll be discussing how to write a comment and make sure that it will get approved by the admin.Step 1: Read the post carefullyYou need to read the post through and be aware of the main message before writing a comment. This will enable you to write a comment that has a relation to the subject under discussion.Step 2: Plan what you want to sayAfter reading the post, think for some time about what you want to reply. Can we answer any question about the post? Would you like to express your personal opinion or experience? Did you just want to appreciate the author by saying that you loved the post?Step 3: Ensure that you write your comment in a simple mannerMake sure, your comment is well written and to the point. Do not incorporate jargon or technical terms that your readers might not comprehend. Ensure you reread your comment for typos or other grammatical mistakes prior to its submission.Step 4: Be respectful of other readersRemember to consider other commentators while providing comments in a post. This entails shunning personal attacks and being polite. It is also necessary to ensure that one does not digress off topic or say something that cannot contribute to the current discussion.Step 5: Ensure every aspect of your comment is free from error before submitting it.After writing your comment, it is important to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before submitting it. By doing this, you will be sure that there are no mistakes in your comment and that it will be appealing to other readers out there.Tips for Writing Engaging CommentsIn addition to the tips above, here are a few additional tips for writing engaging comments:

  • Ask questions. This acts as a good point of discussion and brings other people into the conversation.Share yours and add your own thoughts and experience. This may also enable other readers to identify with you and realise that you are a real person with genuine views.Use humour. It is always good to put in a little bit of humour as this makes the comments more interesting.Use emojis. Using emojis to add some life in your comments so that they look better.

  • ConclusionThis guide provides tips on how to draft comments that are meaningful yet interesting to readers. Note that commenting is meant to help others know your ideas and thus creating a discussion environment. Therefore, do not hesitate to participate and start commenting.

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